Access Control SystemsAccess Control Systems


Access control systems and equipment no longer simply provide a means to unlock doors, barriers and turnstiles, but provide security conscious end users with a platform on which they can build their bespoke security system.

As well as providing maximum protection, all access control systems installed by KJB also function as cost-effective, fully integrated management information tools. The Access control system use the latest in smart card technology. This can be linked to a host of applications, such as Fire alarms car park access or producing cumulative audits of staff flexitime.

Types of Access Control

Most people are aware of the different types of card readers available, swipe, proximity and combinations of these types, which also require PIN codes to be used. More recent developments in the world of Biometrics, means that Biometric data such as Iris Scan, Fingerprint and Facial Recognition can also be used in conjunction with existing card technology to further enhance access to high security or restricted areas.

Commercial Access Control Systems
Today’s access control systems have to go beyond simply locking and unlocking doors. No matter the size of the business, keeping assets inside and threats outside are critical.

Public Sector Access Control Systems
KJB’s broad range of electronic access control solutions help ensure that only the right people have access to your premises; staff, visitors, patients or students.

Small Business Access Control Systems
KJB’s stand-alone, entry level systems offer protection on single or multiple door installations. This allows for expansion as your operation and cardholders grow.

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